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The place I call home: picturesque Paternoster.

The urgency to produce images has been with me all my life. It still drives me and to share the experience of creativity with students is food for my soul.

I have been drawing since the first time I was able to hold a pencil. I have always preferred to experience my life in images rather than words. At school, I would get spellbound by the next picture I was planning to draw. This resulted in the edges of my textbook pages getting covered in doodles and me paying very little attention to the class in progress around me.

I revelled in practical subjects such as Art and Biology where I was required to produce sketches. I was less successful in the academic regions.

At the ripe old age of 70 I am still inspired to produce new images each day. Each new drawing gives me as much pleasure as the one before. Seeing something develop out of nothing, watching it grow into an end-product that will far outlive me is a satisfying process.

The fact that my paintings are displayed around South Africa, as well as in many countries abroad, fills me with an immense sense of gratification. Equally gratifying is watching my Art students, inspired, diving into their daily projects with enthusiasm. To witness their satisfaction at the end of each day is food for my soul.

Finally, living in a setting as beautiful as the West Coast village of Paternoster is a great source of inspiration by itself.

– At Botha

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