Methods for covering canvas

Charcoal affords great freedom to use blending techniques.

Oil paint, acrylic and charcoal are my personal favourites to work in. Each medium has its own personality: application characteristics and technical possibilities for creating art.

My media of choice are oil paint, acrylic paint and charcoal.

Working with charcoal affords great freedom to use blending techniques for scribbling, smudging, adding on, tweaking, creating nuances: all to my heart’s content! I love using charcoal for landscapes and portraits.

Acrylic paint (a relatively new medium) is often looked down upon when compared to oil paint (as old as time itself). Acrylic, as a highly versatile medium, will increase in popularity and it is in no way inferior to oil paint. Due to its quick-drying nature acrylic paint, when applied to realistic paintings, can require even greater technical skill than working in oil. Once accustomed to it many artists find acrylic paint to be a much-loved medium. With various thickening agents, lately available, it can even be applied in painting with a pallet knife.

Oil paint is a more grateful medium. Being slow to dry, the artist has more time to apply shadings and depth using either brush or pallet knife. I am fond of using a pallet knife as this enables me to apply rich textures to my paintings.

Because of the quick-drying benefit I use acrylic paint in the presentation of my Art courses. However, the exact same techniques can be applied by using oil paint.

– At Botha

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